About Us


KODZATI is a Russian designer brand of women clothing of the pret-a-porter Delux class created in 2015. These clothes will always be on trend (in fashion), as it is encrypted with KOD - pure style, this is the brands business card! Brand Philosophy A woman is the foundation of life on earth! A woman's outfit is a preface to her, not the whole book! The brand is based on the ideas of an intellectual approach to shaping one's style and a conscious attitude to wardrobe design. These ideas find their expression in the Brand's design - in conceptual minimalism and constructivism based on the principles of geometry and architectural solutions. Stylistic images for connoisseurs of sophistication and confidence, comfort and quality! For successful business women, women with a Secret, without age restrictions.

Brand History

Girls, sisters founded a brand of women's clothing in 2015. Thanks to an innate sense of beauty and style, and having studied all the subtleties of fashion trends, we launched the production of women's clothing. We have implemented and implemented the most daring author's ideas and images for bright representatives of the weaker, stronger sex, who have an inner core, healthy ambitions and a strong character. In a short time, Kodzati has conquered the hearts of connoisseurs of beauty, style and quality not only in the Republic of North Ossetia- Alania, not only in Russia, but also far abroad. The secret of a Brand's success is always to accurately follow the trends of the global industry! Zita is the CEO of the brand and is responsible for strategy and economic development. Zarina oversees the design and creative direction


Style and cut


The original presentation of basic garments and the generation of new ideas for ideal images requires non-standard solutions. These are complex silhouettes, an original cut, a combination of various textures and color ideas. The design is distinguished by branded cut elements, it is recognizable at first glance! The brand uses only high-quality European fabrics, flowing silk, soft linen, lightweight wool, cotton, viscose. All materials are natural and breathable, giving a feeling of comfort! All clothing is produced exclusively in small limited editions. This capsule approach allows you to create a truly individual and unique image! If you share the ideas of fashionable minimalism and conscious consumerism, if you protect your space from random people and unnecessary things, and choose only the best, then your acquaintance with Z'KOD can be the beginning of a great love!